Includes humble notes to help you overcome possible challenges for setting up an iOS Continuous Delivery pipeline.

In PlusMinusOne, we develop, maintain, and deploy many iOS applications. As we have more apps we need to automate some processes. To achieve that, the following services are lined up for a Continuous Delivery (CD) pipeline:

Bitbucket: a hosting service where we host our repositories.

Bitrise: Offers a collection of tools and services that assist us with the development and automation of our iOS app.

Firebase App Distribution: a platform that we manage our iOS pre-release distributions.

Slack: a channel-based messaging platform that we’ve already used for team communication. …

A Review After a Month of Premium Subscription as an iOS Developer

Like many developers, I think one of the best ways to reinforce what you’ve just learned is to apply it to your side projects. In fact, if the projects, in which you use a new programming language or framework, are visually appealing adds a plus to your motivation (at least for me). For this purpose, when I search the resources that provide UI templates, I thought UpLabs was a good deal for me considering unlimited access to all assets for $20 per month. …

Clubhouse is an invitation-only audio chat app that creates an environment where users can moderate, listen, or join conversations within the app’s community.

Before the party emoji disappeared from my profile — that emoji obviously indicates to other people that you are new to the service —I comprehended the fundamental features of the app.

After I’ve experienced Clubhouse for 2 weeks, here are a few improvements I would be glad to see in the next updates:

1. Highlighting of the Speaking Person

Occasionally, there would be 50–60 speakers in a room. Even those speakers are separated from the others in the room, it gets really hard…

Featured with Bitrise API to export test results URL from the build’s artifacts

In this article, I will focus on creating a workflow in Bitrise to automate the process of running the unit tests. Additionally, I will show you how to send a message to the Slack channel that the CI build is successful or failed. Last but not least, you will learn how to export test results URL.

Problem Statement and Proposed Solution

In PlusMinusOne, we develop, maintain, and deploy many iOS applications. As we have more apps we require a reliable delivery process for each project. One way to achieve this is to write unit tests. …

iPhone ve iPad yenilikleri

Apple bu sene de çeşitli platformlarda yaptığı yenilikleri, 4-8 Haziran tarihleri arasında gerçekleştirdiği WWDC 2018'de, kullanıcıların ve geliştiricilerin beğenisine sundu.

Bu yazı daha çok kullanıcısı olduğunu düşündüğüm iPhone ve iPad kullanıcılarına yani iOS 12'ye ayırmak istedim. Şimdi kısaca iOS 12 yeniliklerine göz atalım.

iOS 12

Self-Growing UILabel with UIScrollView

Photo by Bob Newman on Unsplash

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If you are one of the newcomers to this series, you might want to take a look at Part 1 that you can find out where I have started to tell something about Auto Layout.

In this part, I will talk about how to add UIScrollView that contains a label and also it is going to have dynamic height by the help of Auto Layout magic!

You can have the following attributes for your view controller when you accomplish the things are mentioned in this article:

  • Without switching Autoshrink on, you can have labels…

Multiple Views with Equal Heights

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Auto Layout is a powerful feature of iOS development that makes user interface manageable for all view hierarchies that diverse on different iOS devices. This feature has been announced with iOS 6 and gone further in every new SDK release. Let’s leave aside introduction part and dig down to the auto layout.

Today, I am going to demonstrate step by step how to place multiple views on screen with equal height.

Follow these steps:

  1. Open Xcode (Create New Xcode Project > Single View App)

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